WorkSafe® - Permit to Work

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We find that all three terms are widely used and in many respects relate to the same process. Choose the term you use in your organisation.

Control of Work System (CoW)

Permit to Work System (PTW)

Safe System of Work (SSoW)

Permit to Work System Process

Permit to Work is a process that helps you manage work safely and efficiently. PTW is often seen as an unnecessary paper exercise that eats into valuable wrench time. This becomes a reality when Permit to Work systems are poorly designed and implemented. On the contrary, when Permit to Work is included as a key component of a well-defined Control of Work process and it is seamlessly integrated into it, it leads to improved safety and operational efficiency.

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WorkSafe® Structure

WorkSafe® is designed by Control of Work experts, co-authors of Guidance on permit-to-work systems  (HSG250) and The safe isolation of plant and equipment (HSG253). It supports organisations that operate in potentially hazardous work environments – from oil & gas exploration and production installations to refineries, chemical processing and power generation plants. The system is currently in use on more than 30 sites globally. 

WorkSafe® Permit to Work is highly flexible, allowing users to make changes to the system, individual processes and form layouts. WorkSafe® is web-based and integrates with your maintenance management systems, such as SAP or Maximo.

WorkSafe® is built for the REAL world and covers an end-to-end Control of Work process. It consists of 3 primary modules: Task Risk Assessment, Permit to Work and Energy Isolations. Conflict Manager and Graphical Planner are the supporting modules that provide additional information for the planning and risk assessment stages. 

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Our Permit to Work Solution

WorkSafe® is an electronic, paper-based or hybrid Control of Work system which has been developed following a unique collaboration between subject matter experts and a dedicated software team, using the latest programming techniques for development. 

WorkSafe® is relied upon by over 30 facilities worldwide and has been successfully used in the Middle East since 2006. WorkSafe Control of Work has evolved over time following direct feedback and input from our clients and from the wider industry.

WorkSafe Modules

Task Risk Assessment

The WorkSafe® Task Risk Assessment (TRA) module enables clients to identify hazards and implement controls to ensure residual risk As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).

Permit to Work

The WorkSafe® Permit to Work module is a formal recorded process used to control work which is identified as potentially hazardous and can be provided as a paper-based or electronic solution.

Energy Isolations

The WorkSafe® Energy Isolations module ensures that hazardous equipment is properly isolated and not able to be started up again prior to the completion of maintentance or servicing work.

Operational Risk Assessment

The WorkSafeⓇ Control of Work Operational Risk Assessment (ORA) module ensures that robust arrangements are in place to identify and evaluate major accident hazards.

Conflict Manager

The WorkSafe® Control of Work Conflict Manager allows privileged system users to avoid conflicting work activities by moving work to a more suitable time.

Graphical Planner

The WorkSafe® Control of Work Graphical Planner provides a multi-level visual overview and Permit and non-Permit maintenance work to assist with planning work to be undertaken and to minimise conflicts.