Permit to Work

What is it?

The WorkSafe® Permit to Work (PTW) module is a formal recorded process used to control work which is identified as potentially hazardous. Some of the key essential features of the module are:

  • clear identification of who may authorise particular jobs (and any limits to their authority) and who is responsible for specifying the necessary precautions
  • training and instruction in the issue, use and closure of permits
  • monitoring and auditing to ensure that the system works as intended
  • clear identification of the types of work considered hazardous
  • clear and standardised identification of tasks, task risk assessments, permitted task duration and supplemental or simultaneous activity and control measures

The benefits of the WorkSafe® Permit to Work module are outlined below.

Permit to Work


The WorkSafe® PTW module is connected directly to the other WorkSafe® modules.

Benefit: This enables the preparatory information developed in the WorkSafe® Task Risk Assessment module to be easily replicated in the Permit and supplementary Certificates, therefore increasing efficiency.



WorkSafe® uses specific Permits and supplementary Certificates for different tasks.

Benefit: The permits identify specific work control requirements for specific tasks; this enables the Permit Authorities (PAs) to include specific hazards and control measures that are specific to the task.




In situations where tasks can affect multiple areas or facilities, WorkSafe® can manage the associated risk by ensuring the affected Area Authorities are integral to the Work Permit process thereby ensuring no work task that can affect their area of responsibility can commence without their explicit permission.

Benefit: An additional level of protection thereby ensuring that a work task is controlled by the person(s) who can be affected by the associated work scope.




The WorkSafe® PTW module has been specifically developed to meet industry best practice and is fully compliant with the Health and Safety Executive Guidance on Permit to Work Systems (HSG250).

Benefit: Our clients can be assured that implementation of the WorkSafe® system will exceed regulatory and legislative compliance whilst also implementing industry best practice.

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Permit to Work
Permit to Work
Permit to Work
Permit to Work

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