Graphical Planner

What is it?

The WorkSafe® Graphical Planner module provides a multi-level visual overview of Permit and non-Permit maintenance work to assist with planning work to be undertaken and to minimise conflicts.

Graphical Planner


The WorkSafe® Graphical Planner module provides a user-friendly tool that gives clients the ability to inspect visually planned and ongoing work across their facility.

Benefit: A visual overview allows for work planning to be conducted more effectively as users can see at a glance where work is being performed or is scheduled to be performed.



Graphical Planner includes both top view and side view plans, which allows users to ‘drill-down’ through a site.

Benefit: Multi-level plans allow users to locate work on a site visually and understand exactly where it is being performed.



Graphical Planner allows a user to filter which information is displayed on screen.  Some examples of the filters that can be employed are:

  • Types of work, e.g. permits only
  • Status of work, e.g. live work only
  • When the work will be performed, e.g. now, next week, during the planned shutdown in the future.

Benefit: Filtering the view on Graphical Planner to show only the information pertinent to the User ensures that visual clutter is reduced, and that Users can focus on the key information they require.

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