Conflict Manager

What is it?

The WorkSafe® Conflict Manager module provides a user-friendly overview of planned and ongoing work activities to allow users to avoid conflicting work activities.

Conflict Manager


The WorkSafe® Conflict Manager module is designed to look and feel like a Microsoft Outlook calendar to enhance system familiarity for users.

Benefit: A familiar system view will help users to understand the system and enable them to feel comfortable with applying the system functionality.



Conflict Manager allows privileged system users to move work to avoid conflicting work activities at every stage of the planning process up to ‘Issued’.

Benefit: The flexibility of the system ensures work can be scheduled in the most effective way to minimise the risks of conflicting work.



Users can only utilise the capabilities of the WorkSafe® Conflict Manager module if they have been granted the appropriate system permissions.

Benefit: Utilising security management of user roles ensures that only those users who have the appropriate level of system knowledge and site responsibility can reschedule work to be completed.

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