What is Know-How?

Know-How is a state of the art Learning Management System developed to manage the administration, documentation, reporting and delivery of online e-learning courses efficiently.

Know-How has been designed to help tackle the common challenges faced with rigid, uncompromising Learning Management Systems. The application provides an easy to use, configurable platform in which all e-learning courses, training records, and course certificates can be accessed.

Why should you choose Know-How?

There are three core objectives of Know-How: 

  • Re-engage delegates with their e-learning,
  • Reduce administrative time configuring LMSs,
  • Increase productivity with both delegates and administrators in mind.

Know-How will allow you to:

  • Access online training at any time, from anywhere:
    • Low-bandwidth solution
    • Smartphone and tablet compatibility
    • Multi-language capability
  • Host all SCORM-compliant online training material on one platform
  • Issue in-app notifications and applications
  • Create customised and scheduled reports

SCORM Compliance

Our LMS and training content is all SCORM compliant. Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a collection of standards or specifications for web-based electronic technology (e-learning). Our Learning Management System and e-learning training packages are SCORM 1.2 compliant. Have you got your own SCORM compliant course packages, but thought you were tethered to your existing Learning Management System? We can host these, giving you access to our training suite and your own training all in one place.

User Profiles

Each delegate will have their own unique training profile with its own user interface. User profiles use the delegate’s email address as the unique identifier; each user profile contains information about the delegate and their training records. Know-How® is fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.


Having worked with the Oil and Gas industry for nearly four decades, we understand the difficulties of working offshore and on vessels. Often, connectivity is poor or non-existent. We can provide offline versions of our courses that will feedback to Know-How® when the connection is restored, allowing your delegates to complete training any time, anywhere.

Automated Course Bookings

Know-How® has allowed us to automate the booking process. For individual orders, the RelyOn Nutec Digital (ROND) Shop will create your account, assign your course, and email you the relavent details without the need to email ROND.

Company Administration User Accounts

These allow you to take control of the training process. Every business will be given an administration account; these users can assign training courses, run reports and retrieve delegates' certificates, for example. There is no limit to the number of company administration accounts that a business can have, and we can run short training sessions (for free) to ensure that your assigned company administrators are up to speed with how to use the system and its features. Training can be provided in-house, at RelyOn Nutec Digital or via Webex depending on your location. If you would like to arrange a training session, please contact our Customer Service Department at login@digital.relyonnutec.com.


Both our training courses and LMS are available with multi-language capabilities. Our courses allow users to toggle between available languages with the click of a button, and presently we have developed courses in more than 13 unique languages.

HTML5 Technology

Due to adobe flash player being disabled in 2020, we have designed Know-How® to be compatible with the latest HTML 5 technology which will act as a replacement. The course player in Know-How® prevents any issues associated with flash or pop up blockers.