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IsoSafe® is an easy to use, stand-alone Windows application that addresses the practical challenges faced with developing high-quality energy isolation schemes while reducing time-consuming manual steps throughout the process. The purpose of this application is to provide an efficient streamlined application allowing isolation schemes and associated isolation tags to be stored, copied, edited, viewed and printed at any time.

How does IsoSafe® work?

For any operator planning to change Control of Work system from either a paper-based or an ageing software system, data collection and migration are significant barriers. Many facilities do not have up to date P&IDs so managing a large volume of isolation point data electronically is a challenge, and in some cases, the challenge is so great that it prevents the Control of Work project from going ahead.

We have developed an easy to use, simple system that mimics the current system, so there is no training needed and no complicated IT hoops to jump through. Our IsoSafe® system lets you carry on using your isolation procedures and collects the data as you go.

It’s so easy that you can send us some examples of your isolation schemes and we will send you back an IsoSafe® version.

Why IsoSafe®?

IsoSafe® allows businesses a simple, electronic solution. “On the go” data collection mitigates the major problems that businesses face when considering a change to an electronic system, but the simplicity of the application means that the process doesn’t change. Keep reading to find out more about how IsoSafe® can support your business!

How does IsoSafe® support businesses?

Reduce manhours

It provides you with a method of building a library of re-usable isolation schemes and certificates, saving you time in the future!

Improve process & personnel safety

The application follows the standard isolation processes. Users are guided through the process, producing high-quality isolations, which results in improved personnel safety.

No training required

The simple, web-based application replicates the current paper-based system, meaning that no training is required to use the software. Looking for a bit of help? Get in touch!

Choose the right option for your business

Which of the statements below best applies to you? Take a look at see. 

IsoSafe® Access is the default option and is particularly useful if you currently use a paper-based isolation process.

You’ll receive an off-the-shelf system with our default isolation certificates and tags.

IsoSafe® Access requires no configuration and is ready to go as soon as the application is installed on a PC.

IsoSafe® Standard has all of the basic features of IsoSafe® Access and we tailor the printed isolation certificates and tags so you can continue with exactly the same system except that it has the benefits of storing and reusing electronic data. IsoSafe® Standard is perfect if you want the simplicity of IsoSafe® and you want to retain your current templates. There is a one-off cost for Cresent to configure the printed outputs with your customisations, but once this has been done you’re ready to go!

IsoSafe® Premium has the simplicity of IsoSafe® with all of the features of IsoSafe® Standard, including the customisations to your isolation certificates and tags, and we also customise the user interface to match your preferences.

IsoSafe® Premium is perfect if want the simplicity of IsoSafe® and you want to customise how the system looks and feels for the system users. There is a one-off cost for Cresent to configure the printed outputs and the user interface with your customisations, but once this has been done you’re ready to go.

IsoSafe® Model

See how our IsoSafe model works and contact us to speak to us about how IsoSafe can help you improve safety and efficiency. 

IsoSafe® Access

  • Standard off-the-shelf system
  • Standard isolation tag templates
  • Standard ICC templates
  • No Customisation

IsoSafe® Standard

  • All "IsoSafe® Access features
  • Customised isolation tag templates
  • Customised ICC templates
  • No customisation to terminology or user-interface

IsoSafe® Premium

  • All "IsoSafe® Standard features
  • Customised isolation tags templates
  • Customised ICC templates
  • Customised terminology and user interface