Control of Work Consumables

RelyOn Nutec Digital (ROND) has created a range of highquality Control of Work products and permit office essentials to support your Control of Work system.

To ensure the Control of Work (CoW) system in place on your facility is truly as safe, efficient and simple as possible, it is important that it is supported by high-quality Control of Work products designed by experts. 

ROND has carried out extensive testing to ensure that our products embrace best practice across hazardous industries and are specifically engineered to meet regulatory and legislative requirements.  We understand the importance of these products being robust enough to withstand the wear and tear and challenging weather conditions that can be expected on site. 

The ROND approach to isolations is unique in the marketplace and offers significant benefits over standard systems, including innovation, ease of use, durability, visibility and reusability. 

Our range of Control of Work and Isolation consumables includes Isolation Tags, Isolation Wallets, WorkSafe® Tag Out Grips (TOGs), Permit Boards, Printers and many more…  

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Bespoke Consumables

Many of our consumables products can be customised or designed to be bespoke to your company, such as bespoke site plans on our Permit Boards or branded Permit Dividers.

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These shouldn’t be mistaken for our Printed Media products such as Permit Pads, Certificate Pads, Swatches or Handbooks, for example.

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Watch our Commercial Director explain exactly how our innovative Tag Out Grips (TOGs) and Isolation Tags work!