Our health and safety consultancy credentials are second to none. We live and breathe Control of Work, Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, Isolation Management and Operational Process Safety, helping hundreds of sites globally to improve their safety and efficiency. We are very easy to talk to and happy to share our knowledge with you! 

Gap Analysis & Audits

Free advice on your problems

Let us know what you struggle with. We can initiate a call, a webinar or a meeting to discuss your options. Even if you don’t employ us, we can give you some pointers on where to start or share some of our tools with you.

Locating the gaps

Depending on your needs we can send our consultants to your site to understand the problem. The gaps are captured through a systematic process, Control of Work protocol, that we have developed using our experience and best industry practice.


We don’t just write a summary report of everything that we identified (as it often happens in our industry). We provide you with tangible and tailored recommendations that aim to improve your operational safety and efficiency.

Implementation Support

We work in partnership with you, helping your team to develop a plan on how to close the gaps. We can also deliver the recommended actions using our training services and Control of Work system or products, if that's the right solution for your business.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment is a regulatory requirement and is a vital part of doing your business. There are many methods of doing risk assessments; however, it is often seen as paper work exercise and a burden that takes up time. What we see, time after time, is that the quality of risk assessments requires improvement. 

We work with you to establish a comprehensive and systematic Risk Assessment process, identify gaps and make sure your process TRULY adds value and manages the risks associated with work activities. 

Control of Work Procedures

We can review, amend or write your procedures and standards around your business needs and your document management system. Written in easy-to-understand terms these procedures will become the backbone of your business. 

All procedures are designed by subject matter experts in collaboration with technical authors and with everyday operations in mind: 

  • Complete Control of Work Company Standard and Procedure
  • Complete Control of Work Specific Site Standard and Procedure
  • Permit to Work Standard Procedure
  • Task Risk Assessment Procedure
  • Operational Risk Assessment Procedure
  • Process Isolations Standard and Procedure
  • Confined Space Entry Procedure
  • Ground Disturbance Procedure
  • Working at Height Procedure
  • Control of Work Training and Competence Procedure
  • Bespoke Client Procedures

Procedures are written for the REAL world of your business and give you guidance on HOW to implement processes effectively. 

Process Safety and Isolations

We specialise in how Process Safety is applied in everyday operations, how it links to Control of Work and other activities. We help you to spot the early warning signs of Process Safety defects and design effective procedures that help you mitigate risks. 

We work with you to train your people in the principles of Operational Process Safety and include Process Safety techniques in Risk Assessment, Isolations and Permit to Work procedures. 

Isolation management is still an area of high risk. We can help you design your isolations process from the beginning to the end to keep your people and plant safe. We can write your isolations procedure, competency assessments and perform isolations audits.  

For some of our isolation specific products, check out IsoSafe®

Don’t struggle on your own!

“Our consultancy services are very versatile. All of our consultants have years of operational experience. They are equipped with unique tools and protocols that allow them to identify gaps in your processes and come up with most effective solutions. 

We see the big picture and can help you understand how your Control of Work processes come together and fit seamlessly within your organisation. 

Don’t struggle with your problem on your own, talk to us!” – Jim Land, Commercial Director/Control of Work.