Waste Management Awareness



This course explains the legal requirements and the methods for managing waste produced by operations in the oil and gas industry but is suitable across a range of hazardous industries.

Minimising waste can deliver both business and environmental improvements. If our resources can be used more efficiently, then less waste will be produced, significantly reducing the harm to the environment.

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Product Information

Course Objectives

The way that we impact on the environment is a consideration that has become increasingly important when dealing with waste management. This Waste Management course is designed to inform on the legal requirements for controlling waste, methods and responsibility for managing waste using a waste hierarchy. The course promotes a better understanding of how to effectively and most importantly safely manage waste.

The aim of this course is to give candidates an understanding of proper waste management in order to achieve higher levels of recycling and to minimise the extraction of additional natural resources ensuring resource efficiency.


Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the importance of waste management
  • Identify the legislative controls relating to waste
  • Explain the importance of a Waste Management Plan
  • Explain the waste management hierarchy
  • Identify the types of waste that are generated offshore
  • Outline the alternatives to disposing of waste
  • Describe waste reduction techniques
  • Describe the importance of waste segregation
  • Explain the importance of recycling
  • Outline the waste management considerations when planning a job


Additional Information

  • Language: English, Mexican Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Knowledge Check: 20 Questions Final Assessment

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows (7,8,10) and Apple Mac
  • Browsers: Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Additional Hardware: Please ensure that you have headphones or speakers


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