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Changing standards for OPITO-approved Authorised Gas Tester e-learning courses

As of Monday 5th August, the OPITO standards for Authorised Gas Tester training courses will be changing.

As an OPITO-approved Authorised Gas Tester e-learning training provider, Cresent would like to inform all existing and potential customers of how the OPITO standards are changing and the effects these will have on our courses.

Course Changes:

Previously, the courses were ‘Authorised Gas Tester Level 1, 2 & 3’. As of Monday 5th August, AGT Level 1 & 2 will be combined into the new course ‘Authorised Gas Tester’.  The previous Level 3 will be replaced with new course ‘Gas Monitor’.

Assessment Questions:

By the previous standards, AGT Level 1 contained 20 questions, and AGT Level 2 had 18 questions.  With the two courses combining and a more extensive assessment, the new ‘Authorised Gas Tester’ Cresent course will consist of 96 questions in total. This covers the 48 OPITO learning outcomes with a minimum of 2 questions per unique outcome.

Additionally, the previous AGT Level 3 course’s assessment had 11 questions, but the new ‘Gas Monitor’ course will have 36 questions. This covers the 16 OPITO learning outcomes with at least 2 questions per outcome.

Pass Mark:

In the past, all AGT courses have had a 100% pass mark. Under the new standards, this has been revised to 80%. Candidates will also receive a list of their failed learning outcomes, which will allow delegates’ to focus their revision on weaker knowledge areas.


The AGT course has been split into four modules; Authorised Gas Tester, Testing for Flammable Gas in Preparation for Hot Work, Confined Space Testing, Gas Monitoring for Hot Work Sites.  

Delegates will need to pass each module to receive their certificate. Certificates will not be available for each module.If the delegate should fail 1 or more of the 4 modules, the delegate/organisation will have the option to only repurchase the failed modules for the re-sit. Once all four modules have been successfully completed, a final completion certificate containing all four module results will be issued.

Image: Cresent's Authorised Gas Tester e-learning course on new Learning Management System, Know-How®

Existing Certificate Validation:

Whilst the standard will be changing, if a delegate completes any of the AGT Level 1/2/3 courses by Sunday 4th August, the certificate validity will be maintained for the full three years.

Cresent’s AGT Course Licences:

Should you be an existing AGT customer, we would like to make you aware of how your existing AGT licenses will be handled following the 5th August. If you have previously purchased AGT licenses which have not yet been used, these will still be valid until Sunday 4th August. Following this, we will be automatically replacing the old standard courses with the updated new courses.


Cresent have recently launched a new Learning Management System, Know-How® to replace the existing LMS. Any new purchased courses will now be hosted on the Know-How® system. However, this will also apply for the new AGT replacement courses, and so delegates will receive an email with their new login details to Know-How® to access the new standard course(s).

Please note, any AGT certificates which have been completed on Cresent’s old LMS will still be available to access, given they are still valid.

AGT Non OPITO-approved Alternatives: 

We understand that suitable training and learning is critical in roles which require testing for and ensuring safe working atmospheres, particularly in confined spaces, and prior to/during hot work. However, we also understand that OPTIO-approved certification is not a key requirement for all our customers. Therefore, we will also be offering the alternative of a non OPITO-approved Authorised Gas Testing course from our generic course suite. Given that this will not include the OPITO certification, the price of the course will be reduced and will be shorter in length, but with the same key learning outcomes as that of the OPITO course.

Further Information:

Should you have any questions regarding the changes being made to our Authorised Gas Tester courses and wish to discuss further, please contact, or call +44 (0) 1224 636870.

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