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Cresent provides Total E&P Angola with HSE e-learning solution

With their Kaombo Project planning well underway in early 2015, Total E&P Angola found themselves in the search of a robust, easily-accessible and manageable e-learning solution to provide their 500+ team with the necessary training for the project. The solution? Cresent’s Learning Management System (LMS) and suite of HSE e-learning courses.

Our LMS is a web-based learning management portal offering a range of features which simplify online training management. The reporting module of Cresent’s LMS provides maximum flexibility, enabling the printing of completion certificates, and viewing of results.  For Total E&P Angola, this met the need for a simple way of monitoring delegates’ course completions.  In addition to implementing Cresent’s Learning Management System, Total E&P Angola also requested access to over 10 of our off-the-shelf generic e-learning courses.

E-learning helps to reduce manhours spent completing classroom-based training sessions, and instead allows for essential training to be completed in the trainee’s own time and comfort.  So, the fundamental win-win for all? Enhanced productivity, without any safety compromise.

Ensuring the courses were recognisable as part of the Total E&P portfolio of training was a key focus on this project. With bespoke branding of both the user interface and course certificates being an easy addition to Total E&P Angola’s package, Cresent were able to assist in this trainee brand recognition.

Many of Total E&P Angola’s operations are in remote locations and one key challenge often encountered with online training can be poor and intermittent connections. Our team at Cresent understood this challenge, and so, our LMS included a low-bandwidth solution for Total E&P Angola.

As for the outcome, Total E&P Angola’s, Cyrille Koukam commented that “Within the TEPA & Kaombo organisation, Cresent’s e-learning helped personnel to understand the basics of safety over the different courses”.  The engagement shown by users was consistently positive with a 4-year average pass rate of 89%, and approximately 1,200 trainees per course annually between 2015-2019.

Ultimately, through the combination of bespoke branding, a low-bandwidth solution, quickly accessible ready-to-use off the shelf courses, as well as a consolidated Learning Management System, Cresent were able to provide Total E&P Angola with the robust and easily-accessible e-learning training solution they required.

Cresent’s Production Director, Rory Fraser, commented, “For us at Cresent, the key takeaway from this collaboration was seeing how, throughout the four-year duration, our solution’s extended LMS capabilities helped in enhancing personnel’s knowledge and strengthening the project’s overall safety culture. The success of this has allowed Cresent to gain new industry-perspective insights into the market demands around Learning Management Systems, all of which has fed in to the planning of our newly launched LMS, Know-How®.

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