Cresent and TechnipFMC work together to produce Water Management course programme comprising 4 key modules

Working in partnership TechnipFMC’s marine operations service and Cresent have designed 4 bespoke Water Management course modules. Each module can be undertaken separately depending on the delegate’s required level of understanding or as a complete programme.

The four modules have been designed to act as building blocks: starting with an awareness level understanding of potable water and then building on that knowledge with further modules.

The 4 modules include:

  1. Water Management Awareness
  2. Hazard and Risk Mitigation
  3. Sampling, dosing, cleaning and maintenance
  4. Monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting and documentation

What is potable water? Potable water is any water, treated or untreated, which is designated for drinking, cooking or any other domestic purpose. When offshore, potable water either has to be produced or delivered by supply vessels or a barge and has to be managed carefully and treated properly to ensure it is of a high quality that is regarded as wholesome.

Water used for personal hygiene and cleaning should be treated to the same, high quality standards. Any potable water that is not managed properly can cause poisoning or infection: therefore, it’s essential that proper controls are in place to ensure the water supply is always clean and safe.

Cresent and TechnipFMC have worked together for a number of years now, with Cresent providing the first ISSoW for the marine industry and a range of generic and bespoke courses. This latest course programme is just one example of the great working relationship that Cresent and TechnipFMC have developed over the years.

The intention with this course programme is to be able to provide the same knowledge to other key players in the industry and ultimately ensure understanding of water management and the safety of those working offshore or on vessels.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these courses please contact Cresent at, call us on +44 1224 636870.

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