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Augmented Reality for Control of Work Training

Cresent’s innovative approach to learning is integrated into the core of the business and so we welcomed the presentations from last year’s Learning Technologies show. We were especially interested in Sea’s presentation about the use of Augmented Reality technologies in training, Augmented Reality: Making it Work for Learning.

There is strong evidence to suggest that, as humans, we actively absorb knowledge when we make a connection between facts learned and the environment in which the data relates to. Like Cresent’s holistic approach to learning, Augmented Reality encompasses engagement at all levels. Learning should not be greeted passively; it should demand interaction. Advances in technology allow us to do so by ‘augmenting’ reality, by adding supplementary data to existing information and presenting it in a way that is not only visual but also invites the other senses, such as sounds, smells and haptic feedback.

Augmentation can complement learning strategies in many ways. Cresent has already adopted some of the benefits of augmentation for WorkSafe® training. This includes interactive participation that generates a simulation of events and hazard perceptions, visualising spatial structures and virtual models and provision of supplementary information in multimedia format. However, there is a lot more that could be done.

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With the continuous development of technology, for example, the wide adaptation of intrinsically safe mobile devices in the off-shore environment, augmentation could be used to ensure that information is retained by the trainees. Augmented reality techniques could be used for the on-the-job training and remote collaboration whereby the trainees and instructor are in different physical locations but share a common learning environment, virtually. Augmentation can be beneficial in real time, where actual visualisation may be poor, for example in situational awareness or command & control information.

With a focus on the outcome of a safer working environment, Cresent endeavours to create learning systems which captures the mind of the trainees so that they too put safety at the forefront of their work. It is innovative improvements like Augmented Reality technology that fuel our coupled passion for learning and safety, and we are looking forward to growing alongside these advances.

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