RelyOn Nutec Digital (ROND) has an established capability to produce and distribute high-quality distance learning in multiple languages supported by recognised HSE expertise in the production of course content.

ROND supported Technip’s roll-out of WorkSafe® ISSoW with onsite hand-holding and coaching. Using ROND’s e-learning solution, Technip is able to train people 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. The course was designed specifically for Technip and supplemented by offshore video and photo shoots from Technip’s vessels.

Technip continue to enjoy a close working relationship with ROND and find them efficient, reliable, cost effective and flexible.

John Greensmyth

QHSES Manager
T-MOS, TechnipFMC

We had a requirement for an own-managed PTW system, electronic HIRA and a training programme that allows new starts to work within the PTW system without having to fly in trainers specifically to the Ivory Coast and Gabon. WorkSafe’s® HIRA and PTW modules were deployed and an e-learning programme provided.

We were delighted with the ‘can do’ attitude of RelyOn Nutec Digital and the ease of use of WorkSafe® and the e-learning courses.

Neil Palmer

H & S Adviser
CNR (International Operations)

As you are aware I administer bookings on behalf of BP and feel that they have put in a high volume of requests for this course. The service I receive is very helpful and always dealt with in a timely manner.

I feel your service benefits both myself and BP.

Louise Cook

Training Administrator
Petrofac Training Services

I wanted to let you know that the new Britannia PTW e-Learning course is up and running with no problems. The new system is so much better than our old version and much more pleasing to the eye.

I would like to thank RelyOn Nutec Digital for the time and effort put in during the development process, taking the time to listen and exceeding our requirements. I have also learned a new word “Pedagogy” which I try to drop into conversations whenever I can. I am sure that this is part of the reason that the new e-Learning course has been so readily accepted by all.

We now have a system that will see us well into the future with the added bonus that it is internet based.

Look forward to working with you on future projects

Tom Miller

Operations Team Leader

Feth (Feth-Ennour Amara – Operations Safety Manager) and I would like to thank RelyOn Nutec Digital (ROND) for a successful trip and working with Dolphin this week… and hope from ROND their kind cooperation and patience until successful completion of this project.

Hussain Madhi

Workplace Health and Safety Manager
Dolphin Energy

I’ve had the pleasure of working with RelyOn Nutec Digital (ROND) over the last few years as an advisor for a leading Drilling contractor. As a company we require oil-spill response training for our offshore personnel, I have found that ROND are very professional and offer a great service.

Gary Crombie

Competence & OJT Advisor

During 2010 a RelyOn Nutec Digital (ROND) consultant came onboard our offshore facility and delivered training in the new permit to work and Lockout / Tagout procedures.

The training was delivered with a high level of expertise and has allowed the new system to be understood and implemented.

The consultant was capable and conducted the classes in a friendly manner. I was very happy with the professionalism of the ROND Consulting package.

Paul Sullivan

Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)

Case Studies