About Us


Over 200 hazardous industry sites around the world have benefited from Control of Work consultancy and have implemented RelyOn Nutec Digital’s solutions.


RelyOn Nutec Digital has over 35 years of hazardous industry experience shaping Control of Work practices in the industry, including co-authorship of HSG250 and HSG253. 


Whether it is software, training or out of the box thinking we aim to be one step ahead and create innovative, effective solutions for our clients. 

Established in 1982, RelyOn Nutec Digital (formerly Cresent) provides industryleading Control of Work solutions that include consultancy, systems, coaching and blended learning services which can be utilised in all major oil and gas locations, from deep sea to desert. Headquarter in Aberdeen with offices and partners around the world, our established team of Control of Work specialists utilise their diverse skills portfolio to meet the exact needs of our customers, resulting in a safer workforce.

How we work

We work around the globe in all major hazard locations, from deep sea to desert, operating in many cultures and languages. Our scope extends across a wide range of facilities on and offshore, from those with large workforce’s to those which are normally unmanned. 

This is how we work: 

Outcome focused - we don’t offer you lists of products. Instead, we ask ourselves what will make you safer. Consequently, we’ll only ever provide solutions we think will complement and enhance your business. 

Consultancy-led – before we start any work, we need to understand the problems and issues our customers are facing. A detailed situation analysis enables us to offer sharp, effective and tailored solutions to achieve your goals. 

We provide what is required to make you safer – we don’t hesitate to try new approaches as we firmly believe that every customer is different. If we need to involve experts from other industries, organise training in various locations and manage the logistical issues, it’s all within our scope. 

Our customers

We believe that every customer is different, and that is why we come up with efficient solutions to make your workforce safer.  We believe in effecting change at your pace. Our team will walk you through the entire process, providing full support and working on changing internal perceptions. 

We make sure that every step of the process is clear and transparent. This mutual trust is what creates strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers. 

Read our client testimonials here. 

Our team

The calibre of our team is the key to our success and your safety. Our subject matter experts have over 100 years of experience in Control of Work and Health and Safety. They are supported by a team of incredibly hardworking, smart and motivated individuals.

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